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When dizziness adds above to ache, people meets those who become special to want to sleep, whole person is done not have any spirit, because pathology reason place causes a kind of clinical symptom,this most is, should want to find corresponding treatment method after happen, as a result of,average patient is nerve sex disease, other perhaps medical disease place are brought about, no matter be,which kinds of disease should want to find more appropriate treatment method.

 Dizziness headaches to become aware sleepily

1. neurological pathological changes

If the head lacks hematic pathological changes, cerebella pathological changes, cerebral department pathological change, brain the epilepsy of traumatic, certain type. In addition, plant nerve function is maladjusted and the patient of certain neurosis often also can feel giddy.

Disease of 2. ear ministry

If influence of the disease inside ear arrives to balance and be causedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Disease of 3. internal medicine

If high blood pressure is ill, low disease of all sorts of blood pressure disease, heart head blood-vessel, anaemic, infection, toxic, hypoglycemia.

4. catchs a cold

Catch a cold sometimes the symptom that may have dizziness.

Bone of 5. cervical vertebra degrades

As a result of long-term pose or sleep appearance is undesirable, cause cervical vertebra proliferation, be out of shape, degrade, cervical muscle is pulled close, the arterial suffocate suffocate that offer blood makes the head is not worth for blood, it is giddy main reason. Constant cervical hair close, nimbleness suffers be restricted, have pins and needles of finger of aching, scalp, hair occasionally cool, the shoulder is painful, have heavy feeling, accompany even have the symptom such as disgusting, palpitate.

6. anaemia

If giddy companion has the show with lack of power, cadaverous complexion, should consider anaemic possibility. The patient of haemorrhage of ulcer of dyspeptic, digestibility, enteron and disease of chronic inflammation sex all Ke Jifa is anaemic.

7. blood viscosity is tall

Disease of grow in quantity of tall blood fat, plaque all can make hematic viscosity heighten, blood stream is slow, cause cerebral ministry to offerA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Blood is insufficient, incidental tired, giddy, lack of power wait for a symptom. At present the incidence of a disease of this kinds of disease has ascendant tendency.

8. head arteriosclerosis

Patient consciousness is giddy, and often insomnia, tinnitus, mood pins and needles of flabby, forgetful, limb. Head arteriosclerosis makes a head hemal internal diameter decrescent, the blood stream inside the head drops, generation head offers the blood, inadequacy that feed oxygen, cause dizziness. Clinical characteristic is dizziness, sleep-disorder, memory drops 3 big symptoms, still an occipitalia has a headache, Yi Ji of mood of paresis, dysphonia is moved wait for expression, general illness is slowFall in love with the sea

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Develop, this kind of giddy characteristic is easy when the posture transforms appear or accentuate.

 Dizziness headaches to become aware sleepily

9. heart disease, coronary heart disease

The disease is inchoate, the symptom is still light, somebody may do not have a bosom frowsty, heart-throb, be discouraged remarkable and unwell, feel only have a headache, giddy, limply, spirit is not easy concentration, tinnitus or forgetful etc. The heart stops wrestle, clonic tachycardia, clonic atrium fine quivers, ventricular fine quivers wait for heart disease to be able to bring about acute head to be short of blood, ministry of expressional dizziness, dazed, stomach unwell, faint.

10. drug poisoning

With streptomycinLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, neomycin, kanamycin, gentamicin those who wait is toxic see for how. The patient is divided there still is the deaf of feeling sound sex that dizzinesses to damage be caused by with cochlear nerve outside dizziness. Much performance of chronic lead poisoning is neurasthenic ask for integratedly, with dizziness, have a headache, insomnia, forgetful, lack of power, much dream is main symptom, again temperature bring down, anorexia waits.

Hypoglycemia of 11. function sex

Yi Ke is caused giddy, flustered, frail feeling, in hollow or there can be quiver when exerting oneself to do sth. , appear sometimes convulsive, consciousness is lost etc. When mood insecurity or excessive take a breath, as a result of carbon dioxide eduction the quantity increases, can appear breathing sex is alkaline toxic, cerebral cell is anoxic, cause giddy, lack of power, the patient feels facial with brothers Ma Liang, occasional has absentminded feeling.

 Dizziness headaches to become aware sleepily

12. blood-vessel restrains sexual dizziness

Constant because the mood is nervous, aching, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Scared, haemorrhage, weather fuggy, fatigue, cavity, insomnia wait and close to hair. The patient often has giddy, swimmy, disgusting, epigastrium unwell, complexion is cadaverous, give the plant nerve such as cold sweat the function is disorder. Meantime blood pressure drops, pulse is faint. Blood-vessel restrains sexual dizziness to see the young woman that loses at body more. Erect sex low blood pressure points to to giddy, dazed, leg appears when standing soft, swimmy, even syncope, constant companion has without obstacle of sweat, relieve oneself.

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