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Darling of 3 years old is intellective already germinate, a few behavior of this moment darling can let parents feel is clever expression, can begin to learn to speak, and also can compare on foot more a few more reliable before, the most crucial having a few baby namely is to be able to begin literacy, this is clever expression, thatSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Want to eat a few food that conduce to intellective development more to them, included among them cruelly oppress and contain the food with fast protein.

3 years old of darling are behaved knowledgeably

Infantile period growth is rapid, there also may be important information in unusual change, need observes carefully and identify. Accordingly, inchoate diagnostic need adopts more comprehensive measure, through be opposite children physiology delivers capacity of Yo, motion development, life gets used to the respect such as capacity of truck of ability, society and the gift of tongues to undertake be diagnosticed in the round. To 34 years old of the following children, can use formal intellective exam tool and society to get used to volume list, get used to ability from intelligence and daily society two respects undertake diagnostic.

Be like 8 years old children, classics intelligence is measured check, its intelligence level is equivalent to 10 years old of children in constant model, consequently, the IQ=10/8 × 100=125 of this children. Intelligence quotient is make 200 minutes, the 110 person that divide belong to 90 ~ normal and intellective limits, the 140 person that divide are 120 ~ clever person, the 140 person that divide above weigh a talent. The fraction is smaller state intelligence jumps over difference, 70 minutes the following person for intelligence low, among them the 70 person that divide belong to 50 ~ addlehead, the 50 person that divide are 25 ~ gawkish, the 25 person that divide are 0 ~ idiocy. Intelligence has genetic base already, suffer environmental effect again. Parental intelligence is tall, children is intellective often intelligence of parents of; of on the high side is common, intelligence of general; parents has filial intelligence blemish, filial intelligence development may be not complete.

3 years old of darling are behaved knowledgeably

Use twins method binate to 122 pairs of one egg (from a child lives apart 2Shanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
, condition of surroundings, education all differs) discovery of investigation and study, their intellectual ability is quite adjacent, this proves intelligence has its heredity base adequately. Connate poleShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Beautiful and extreme difference person it is minority, the intelligence of most person is belonged to among model. Although intellective development has genetic base, but the intense effect that suffers environmental element at the same time. Genetic basis ruled the possibility of intellective development only, fixed intellective hair namely1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
The upper limit that extend and floor level, and intellective actual performance suffers a variety of elements to affect (the) such as the assiduous study that is like oneself and social environment.

3 years old of darling are behaved knowledgeably

Although have taller than some second intelligence,expand latent capacity like some armour, but the existence as a result of some kind of ambient conditions, make the latent capacity of some second receives sufficient expression, its intelligence quotient approachs the upper limit of Yu Jiqian force more than some armour, and at the back of the intellective actual performance of some armour may fall in some second. Accordingly, acquired education is very important to the intellective development of children, society, school, family should agree in coordination, undertake by pattern of growth of children body and mind science is taught.

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