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Thyroid operation is a kind of commonner practice, advocate if cure is strumous big and the reason that thyroid hormone secretes inadequacy, and the meeting after the operation brings about intestines and stomach cannot normal absorption is calcic element, go against skeletal development, at that time we should want to undertake filling calcium. Thyroid gland is thyroid hormone excretive main method, if thyroid hormone secretes inadequacy to be able to cause calcic element to cannot be absorbed, can appear at that time the symptom such as cramp and coma.

 Calcic expression is short of after thyroid operation

Why can thyroid operation bring about hematic calcium low?

Above all, we say the action of the gland other armour shape.

The gland other armour shape is in in the neck at the back of thyroid, the gland other the armour state that has one part person anatomizes positional mutation because of a priori, can grow in thyroid interior or the other place of the neck, we weigh the gland other such armour shape for ” confuse the gland other armour shape ” .

The gland other armour shape basically secretes hormone of the gland other armour shape (Parathyroidhormone, PTH) , and the important hormone that the action of hormone of the gland other armour shape manages calcium and phosphorous metabolization namely, can promote the absorption of bone, maintain certain hematic calcic chroma, increase the calcium absorption inside alvine path, reduce calciumForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
From the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year inside body.

In short, PTH is OKShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Make the hematic calcium of human body maintains the level with be in certain, maintain the procedure of calcic phosphor metabolization with normal human body.

And the person that the gland other armour shape injures, PTH is secreted decrease, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Can’t maintain normal hematic calcic chroma, the symptom such as a series of such as cramp that because low calcium is brought about,caused thereby, coma.

Adage says well, capture a thief first king, although understood PTH decrease, it is the culprit of low blood calcic disease, but on one hand the medicaments that home returns compensatory without specific aim PTH at present, on the other hand PTH is a kind of peptide kind hormone, because this is saved, use use restriction the meeting is more, cost is high.

So we are the method that use pair of disease treatment below most circumstance, complement namely calcic agent and vitamin D will have treatment.

Filling calcium has exquisite, did not forget vitamin D

The disease of low calcic blood that drop as a result of function of the gland other armour shape and causes, emphasize the sufficient complement of vitamin D preparation more.

1. calcium, how much to need to fill everyday?

Generally speaking, the adult complements everyday calcic 1000 ~ 2000mgForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Enough. Those who need an attention is, what point to here is calcic content, is not common a this weight when filling calcium, however among them calcic content.

 Calcic expression is short of after thyroid operation

A calcium tablet is for instance heavy 1Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
G, if its bases is calcium carbonate, so the look that among them calcic content may have 400mg to be less than only.

2. Vitamin D everyday recommend a quantity

Vitamin D can promote alvine path to be used to calcic absorption, the vitamin develops this action to still need the help of PTH.

The gland other armour shape secretes inadequacy person, lacked this to help strength by force, should let calcium absorb better with respect to need:

Person much power is great, increase; of complement of vitamin D ground

The doorsill of the gland other escape armour shape, choose preparation of active vitamin D, commonly used have ossification 3 alcohol and alcohol of A law ossification two kinds.

Generally speaking, adult of preparation of active vitamin D complements everyday 2 μ of 1 ~ G.

Where is the additional amount that how holds calcic agent and vitamin D preparation better?

The proposal takes 3 ~ 5 days in stability calcium of blood of the examination after calcic agent and vitamin D preparation and hematic phosphor:

Hematic calcic target is to achieve 2.1 ~ 2.3mmol/L;

Hematic phosphor target is to achieve 1.2 ~ 1.5mmol/L.

 Calcic expression is short of after thyroid operation

Satisfy hematic calcium above all in these two targets.

If did not amount to mark, the doctor is met according to particular case, adjust the additional capacity of calcium and vitamin D, calcium of progressively basis blood and hematic phosphor detect the value undertakes half step is adjusted, make hematic calcium and hematic phosphor achieve cure to dominate an end.

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